Difference between FaceBook and Ecademy

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A fellow Ecademist asked my opinion on the above Q today – and I answered;

For me FB and Ecademy is 2 very different things!

FB is social – and maybe because I am single (and live between 2 countries) that I use it more, than I would have otherwise, to keep up with friends and family, whats going on on the social scene of Denmark and Spain (so that I get out of the house occasionally – LOL), keeping an eye out for my future ex husband etc.

As I have been an online marketer for more than 10 years + lived abroad – thus having a very big international network, its also now the best and easiest way to keep in contact with my online friends worldwide – where before FB it was through email etc.

Even if there is a lot of “noise”, its still on FB that I get to know more of the private side of people, before I maybe decide to interact more with them.

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