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“Social Media Digital Mindset Team”
Branding, Social Media Marketing, Digital Optimization, Time Management, Online Reputation & Monitoring of it all, is what we Teach, Train and Speak about in public
– so lets talk and start to Think In New Areas for you!!!

Need help building an online reputation?
Need help maintaining your online reputation?
Do you know what people are saying about you online?
Do you participate in the conversations?
Online Social Media Marketing is a MUST – that you know, right?
Do you also know……

  • Where?
  • When?
  • Why?
  • What?
  • With whom?
  • – and for how long?????

If not let us help you!!!

ThinkInNewAreas – is a network of professional Social Media & Marketing Experts, SEO Gurus, Web Designers & Digital Trainers + a toolbox filled with endless marketing, outsourcing & monitoring possibilities – all here to help you get the best ROI from your online marketing!

Give us a call today – for a FREE quote on your needs and how we can help!
+ we give you a “sneak peak” of whats being said about you online 🙂

What’s a Social Media Optimizer?

A freelancer who works with both privates, small groups or companies to teach them how to build and maintain their online presence / Brand using Social Media:
Teaching, training, mentoring, coaching on – and if wanted actually takes care of the optimization of……..
* online profiles on social & business networks and communities (like FaceBook, LinkedIn, SunZu, YouTube, MySpace etc. etc.)
* teaching how to use online networking when it’s appropriate (and when it’s not)
* making internal politics on who does/says what, when and where
* blogs (personal and company blogs), daily Twittering, video blogs, blog radio etc.
* whats been said about the brand online? Engage in the conversations, and lead it in a direction which is good for business
* analysing conversations about the brand (and the competition) and develop future marketing plans accordingly
* building branding strategy and securing common branding mindset with the employees
* structure time management and outsourcing if needed
* SEO & Google ranking – can you be found?
* combining social media branding with offline efforts………………………….

What’s a Digital Coach?

Quoting Seth Godin:
A freelancer (individual) who usually works with entrepreneurs, small groups or companies to teach them how to dramatically improve productivity or market presence using technology.
For example, a digital coach might hook up your cell phone to be more powerful or teach you how to use blogs and Facebook to connect to your audience.

Here are three things that are true:
1. Digital technology, especially computers and cell phones, can dramatically increase productivity.
2. More and more users of digital technology are small firms or individuals.
3. The vast majority of users of digital technology are totally lame in getting the most out of the investment of their time and money:
“Oh, I didn’t know I could do that.”
“You mean I don’t have to manually type my address book in by hand?”
“There are graphs in Excel?”
“Gmail is free?”

Here’s where The Digital Coach comes in:

  • They find out what you do and how you do it – and then show you how to do it better.
  • They help you organize data and put it in the right place.
  • They overhaul the way small groups use technology so they can use it dramatically better.
  • They use copilot and other practical tools to take over a PC and actually rearrange it so that it works better.
  • They utilize Clouds.

They teach people and companies:

  • To back up and synchronize all their data (both personal and in business).
  • Show them how to check their email on the road.
  • Teach a restaurant how to use OpenTable to keep the place full, or to use a blog (with an RSS feed) to easily communicate with loyal customers.
  • Teach a company to keep tabs on itself with Technorati etc. etc.

Social Media & Digital Coaches stay informed (in real time) on ALL news, tools, tips & tricks of the trade – keeping you and your company updated only of whats of interest to you – so that yo do not have to waste your time with information overflow, but can concentrate on what you do best!!!

Want to follow our News & Sources of Information?

Join us here;




Other than the above, we belong to more than 100 other communities – both off- & online – from social, business, consumer, tech and lifestyle networks.

You´ll find the ongoing updated list elsewhere on this site – or just ask for an invite according to your own interests!

How can we help YOU?

Offline we do most of the training in Denmark – both on a personal and business level – 121 or in groups.
Online it can be by simply doing a revision of your online presence, suggest changes, look after your brand and conversations as a VPA etc. – and/or we can coach you through Skype, Webinars, newsletters etc. etc.
The Digital World offer endless possibilities, and has NO borders !!

Training is done in either English, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish or Spanish.

Need help?

Just give us a Beep – and together we´ll find out about your needs, come up with a plan, and get straight to Thinking In New Areas to secure your Branding ROI – the Best, Fastest & Cheapest way!!

Find us online or mail us here: contact@thinkinnewareas.com


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