NOW its time to kick the last habit!!!

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I will be a Healthy Person with Healthy Lungs from tomorrow!!!

Now I said it out in public – I WILL KEEP THE PROMISE TO MYSELF
– will you join me?

I am not using the Non-smoker label (as not to risk a LOA mistake 😉

Having tried for years and years – this time I will acknowledge that I am not strong enough on my own, so I have “partnered up with” my dear BlackStar colleague Andrew Horder, and his GREAT Hypnosis techniques, which have a 90% success rate!!

This is what he says:

How Smoking Cessation Hypnosis Works

Stop Smoking Hypnosis CD / MP3

One of the very most difficult things to do in daily life will be to quit smoking. Just the idea of quitting can be hugely formidable to to a lot of people. This may be as a result of bad experience trying to give up previously, seeing how difficult it is for others to give up or fear that you will become a different person without cigarettes. However, stop smoking hypnosis techniques can allow you to overcome some of these fears and help you on your way to quitting.

Stop smoking hypnosis can be used by everyone, as long as the positive and pro-active intention is there – i.e. you should really need to give up, hypnosis can not be forced upon someone, nor can it be used as an effortless tool – you still really need to want to change and put in some work yourself.

When used properly though, hypnotherapy can be a more organic method to quit compared to use of products such as nicotine patches .

Making It Easier

Using hypnosis will help you in a few different ways:

Primarily it may help by increasing your motivation and mental strength. It will help keep you strong against cravings. This is the main benefit people use hypnosis for – to gain that advantage and that mental edge. For that reason you can use it as an “emergency” tool to use when you feel tempted

It helps you to stay rational, and to actually think different about smoking cigarettes. Instead of thinking of the rewards, or enjoyment of having a cigarette you will start to think more about the health effects, and the disadvantages of smoking. The more you adjust your thinking in this way the easier it will be to quit.

Hypnosis also has a cumulative effect. The more you listen the more benefit you will get as the hypnotic suggestions penetrate deep into your mind, build and build, and change the way you think, feel and act on a deeper level.

By using hypnotherapy, along with a real commitment to quitting you will find it easier to quit.

Try a stop smoking hypnosis download by yourself and gain an advantage towards quitting smoking you never believed was possible!

I will let you all know next week, how WONDERFUL it is being FREE from that nasty, un-intelligent, disgusting and expensive habit!!!

If you too would like to be healthy, but still not motivated enough – maybe this will help:






Just in case:
Please cross fingers and use as much LOA to help making my process easier – thanks guys!

Try Hypnosis Audio For Free!

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