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Uden alle vores dejlige netværkskontakter, ville vi ikke kunne eksistere – så vi er jer alle DYBT taknemlige!!!

Her er hvad nogle af jer siger om os…….

Top qualities: Personable, Good Value, High Integrity “Tina is committed, open-minded and very flexible in her work. And she is a very helpful person with a big heart.”
Tina Albrecht-Beste, IT Project manager F.L. Smidth AS

“Tina – community building talent is the most precious resource in the modern world and you have it in truck loads.”
Leon Benjamin, Virgin Media (author of “Winning by Sharing”)

“Marvellous work produced in a short time. Very commendable.”
René Cohrt, RC A/S

“Tina er en intelligent og dedikeret kvinde, der 24:7 synes at være engageret i sociale anliggender af forskellige karakter. Jeg har arbejdet med hende gennem en del måneder og ved at hun udover hendes sociale engagement også er knivskarp hvad angår at læse tal, gå bagom tal og forstå hvad der netop ikke står. Det er ikke ualmindeligt at Tina er i stand til at overbevise registrede revisorer samt skattevæsenet om fejl, mangler, fortolkningsmuligheder mv. Tina har generelt en positiv tilgang til tingene og kan begå sig mellem alle menneske typer.”
Marion Guldager, GR888

“I regard Tina as a really good friend and a great asset in my close network. I really enjoy working with her on joint business projects. She is a professional business woman, and extremely well connected networker, match maker, social media specialist, and entrepreneur. I highly recommend to connect to her, and to take advantage of her networking skills and social media knowledge.”
Jørgen Johansen, CEO and Founder, BlueCon – Management Consulting

“I can’t recomend Tina highly enough, what she has done/ is doing to help me to brand my business and myself via social medias in the most proff way ….Yes it’s priceless: Her knowledge has been priceless for me and my company She has opened the door to my awareness of the importance of using social medias to brand my company and help me to take my businesse to the next level. I still have things to learn and I can’t waite to continue the journey and learn from Tina’s extensive experience”.
Hanne Jacqueline Tarnow,

“Tina is a very ambitious and upbeat entrepreneur who propels herself and those associated with her forward into positive growth!” 
Veronica Monet, Sex Educator, TAP Communications

 “Tina has throughout the many years I have know her been a very resourceful active business partner, who always are ready to assist and come up with innovative solutions. Tina has a large network of business partners which she with her personal touch continuously expands making her business successful.”
L. Rasmussen, Networkmarketing Consultant, Partnerdialog

“Tina is a very creative and innovative person who provides lots of ideas and energy to the HR council. She has a great network, and she is a very powerful ambassador for networking in general. She seems to be very knowledgable about key topics in the development space. In the HR council she is an excellent partner to collaborate with.”
Bente Holm Skov, Chairman Danish IT and Director Enterprise Learning & Talent Development Solutions, CSC Computer Sciences Corporation 

“Tina is a very committed confident able individual with passion for the business goals she pursues. Good to have her on your side…. extremely good at fighting her corner and a superb allie.” 
Simon Hamer

“I have had the opportunity to work on several projects with Tina IRL, and found her to be extremely intelligent and professional in her approach to business. She remained enthusiastic, was attentive to details, and thorough in her research and follow through. I look forward to the opportunity to work with Tina again.” 
Mike Pinto, CEO, mobZilla

“Tina is someone I have known for many many years and is someone I constantly seek advice and motivation from. Even though we are in different countries – is amazing how her mindset helps you to focus on things as it transpires we both experience the same issues on a day to day basis. As they say, “A problem shared – is a problem solved” and certainly can help you with your mindset and business”.
Ian Calvert Owner of The Social Piggy

“Tina is a woman of substance who is very open and honest. A very sincere individual who cares and treats each person in the most professional way. I recommend Tina to all potential business associates.”
Melinda M. Sörensson, President Sorensson and Sons

“I´m an Accredited Associate of the Institute for Independent Business and as such I have had the assignment to be in charge of recruiting colleagues throughout Scandinavia. At that time I and Tina worked together because Tina became responsible for finding candidates in Denmark and Norway. I have known Tina for several years and her networking contacts, knowledge and experience are outstanding. She´s very passionate about everything she does. She is also logical and structured. Therefore I can highly recommend her.”
Lars Larsson, Business Advisor and Owner, CREADEV

“I got to know Tina last year through networking on various social and business networks during 2008 and have since then had the immense pleasure of her company in real life a few time since then. Tina has been instrumental in getting me to sign up for Ecademy as a Black Star member and has in general right from the onset of connecting with her been a fantastic help and not least source of inspiration and assistance with connecting me to the right contacts and groups. Tina is great company and we share a number of interests, ranging from Law of Attraction to Quantum Physics to networking etc. Tina also has a great sense of humor and that special sarcasms and irony and thus you can always be sure to be able to get some really good conversations going with Tina. For anybody who is interested in networking, I would definitely recommend them to connect up with Tina: You probably will not find quite that many who are this helpful and who actually knows how and has a superb number of good resources to draw upon. My best recommendation goes out for Tina, who has become so much more than just a network connection, but also a great person to juggle ideas with and a very good personal friend. Keep up the great work Tina!”
Sincerely yours Mikkel Pitzner

“Over 20% of the people who have voted Tina GOOD have also left a Testimonial, 54 Testimonials is tremendous. I have now spent time with Tina, face to face and can see why she is so respected and liked in the Ecademy Community. Tina is a strong lady, someone who you can tell has had many life experiences. She provides warmth when it is needed, love when it is appropriate, intelligence when required and fun when ever she can. I loved meeting Tina, I love the value she brings to Ecademy and I thank her form the bottom of my heart for her tremendous energy and kindness throughout.”
Penny Power, founder Ecademy

“Tina is a wonder woman, always coming to the rescue. She always helps me out and I am sure she will always help you out. Thank you Tina for your support and advise. :-)”
Sally Walker

“Tina is a natural communicator and one of the best international networkers I know. I’m proud to call her one of my friends. Her strongest asset is without any doubts her true passion for people. Quality is the standard for everything she delivers, she always tries to aim higher than what you expect. Highly recommended !”
Geert Conard

“When Tina Thinks In New Areas many incredible things can happen … and since Tina is Always Thinking In New Areas don’t be surprised if she brings wonderful surprises one day also into your life. The lady from the North who lived quite some time of her life in the South has in the best possible way united the best of the both. Trustworthy, focused, responsable, but at the same time creative, warm and passionate. The woman who believes, dares and does. Well connected and well appreciated lady who understand the sense of sharing like the way to winning. Tina is great – warm and direct – I love her sincerity and her being true to herself. It’s really a pleasure and honour to be your friend, Tina. I wish you all the success and have no doubts that you will get what you dream of.”
Andreja Lajh

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