Social Media

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What’s a Social Media Optimizor?

A freelancer who works with both privates, small groups or companies to teach them how to build and maintain their online presence / Brand using Social Media:

Teaching, training, mentoring, coaching on – and if wanted actually takes care of the optimization of
* online profiles on social & business networks and communities (like FaceBook, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc. etc.)
* teaching how to use online networking when it’s appropriate (and when it’s not)
* making internal politics on who does/says what, when and where
* blogs (personal and company blogs), daily Twittering, video blogs, blog radio etc.
* whats been said about the brand online? Engage in the conversations, and lead it in a direction which is good for business
* analysing conversations about the brand (and the competition) and develop future marketing plans accordingly
* building branding strategy and securing common branding mindset with the employees
* structure time management and outsourcing if needed
* SEO & Google ranking – can you be found?
* combining social media branding with offline efforts………………………….

Social Media & Digital Coaches stay informed (in real time) on ALL news, tools, tips & tricks of the trade – keeping you and your company updated only of whats of interest to you – so that yo do not have to waste your time with information overflow, but can concentrate on what you do best!!!

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