VIOLATION of the “Facebook User Agreement”

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Dear fellow Facebook Networkers,

Through our daily work on Facebook – we have noticed that A LOT of you are in VIOLATION with FaceBook Rules & Regulations!

The main problem is when having made a Personal Profile – for what really is a profile for a Brand or a Business – which is NOT ALLOWED on FB!!

At the moment FB is closing down (DELETING) a lot of profiles because of this – thus many people are loosing ALL of their friends, following & collected network 🙁

Surely you do not want to risk that, so you really need to change / merge your existing Personal Profile with a Public Page – ASAP !!!
(automatically turning ALL your friends into followers, so you risk don’t loosing them)
– and/or group (where your followers/customers can interact).

Reasons why you should / need to merge your profiles:

  • You are in violation of “Facebook User Agreement” – thus risking losing access to all of your hard (net)work.
  • You don´t have access to advertising and promotion with a personal profile.
  • You have no way of tracking your marketing effectiveness on a profile.
  • You are missing out on the new important tool: “Graph Search”.

Of course you can change/merge profiles and pages yourself !
(see FB Help Pages

– or, if in doubt how – or lack of time – let us help you…….

We have made a special “Summer Offer” for you –  especially for this service:

Merging a Personal Profile with a Page € 99,-

Changing a Personal Profile into a Page € 99,-

Building a group incl. inviting all your friends & followers € 119,-


In doubt how you stand / what to do with your Social Media Presence?

Skype us at: ThinkInNewAreas
– and you´ll get 1/2 hour FREE counseling in the month of August!!!

Other “Summer Offers”:

  • Setting up “Automatic Posting” between 2 or more Social Media Network accounts, from € 69,-
(Remember: the more platforms you are active on – the better Google Ranking 😉
  • Building GooglePlus Profile and/or Page, from € 99,-
  • Building Twitter Profile € 49,-
  • Building LinkedIN Business Page, from € 79,-
  • Securing Brand Name (building profiles) on other specific types of Social Media platforms;

Lets talk about it (see list of the best of them below)

– and we´ll give you a good “Summer Price” on that too!!

  • Revision of Brand Name across the Internet, incl. plan of action € 499,-


Are you in need of general Monitoring your Social Media efforts (whats said about you/your brand, where and when)
– and/or revision of your website / building a new one – we can of course help you with that too!!

Wishing you a continued Wonderful Summer – filled with prosperity for your business!!!

Warm networking regards


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